How to change iPhone wallpaper iOS 7

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iPhone Wallpaper Sizes

iPhone 5 Wallpaper Resolution: 640 x 1136 px

iPhone 4S & 4 Wallpaper Resolution: 640 x 960 px

iPhone 3GS, 3G Wallpaper Resolution: 320 x 480 px

Step 1

Click once on the desired wallpaper, to go to the download page.

Step 2

Click the green Download button on the top right of the wallpaper. You can also click on the wallpaper directly.

Step 3

Hold your finger on the image, until the context menu shows up. Select ‘Save Image’ to save the wallpaper to your Camera Roll.

Step 4

Go to Settings, then Wallpapers & Brightness, click the image under Choose Wallpaper.

Step 5

Click on the Camera Roll option. Now your wallpaper should be the last in the list. Click it and you’ll see a preview where you can also adjust it.

Step 6

Now click “Set” and choose where to set the wallpaper.

You will be presented with 3 options:

  • Set Lock Screen – you will see the wallpaper only when you want to unlock your iPhone;
  • Set Home Screen – this sets the wallpaper only when the iPhone is unlocked. (i.e. you will see it below the app icons);
  • Set Both – will set the wallpaper for both cases above.

* Note: this guide is accurate as of January 2014, for iOS7.



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